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Sinopsis "Baby Faced Beauty"

Romantic comedy type of drama is about a woman named Lee So-young (Jang Nara). He was 34 years old, but has a very cute face.

Because his face is so cute so they can make the people around him thought he was very young, including the boss at work. Lee So-young has been working for 14 years in textiles, but after her boss found out about real life, instead he was fired and replaced by younger women.

He only has a high school diploma and his family have a lot of debt to be redemption. That's what makes it the debt can not be used to continue their education to university majoring in fashion design for the sake of his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Now he has three heads and no future prospects.

But Lady Luck was still on his side because So-young finally getting a better job than before. Now he became one of the junior fashion designer at a fashion company The Style, the problem is he lied about his real name because the name of his sister, So Jin and thought to the age of 25 years. So-young did not come clean about the true identity for fear of being fired again.

In his new place, he must face a lot of people are diverse, ranging from marketing director Choi Jin-wook (Daniel Choi), 27-year-old man who secretly likes to rival team manager Kang Yeon-seo (Kim Min-seo). which was favored Jin-wook. But Yeon-seo target the president of The Style, Ji Seung-il (Ryu Jin) Jin-wook to make So-young as a confidante.

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Love Was Meant To Be

Love, I thought was meant to be
A word that makes you smile
Love, I thought was meant to be 
A feeling so worthwhile
Love, I thought was meant to make you laugh
Not make you cry
Love, I thought was meant to say hello 
Not say goodbye.
Love is meant to leave you 
Feeling happy every day 
Love is meant to guide you 
So you never lose your way 
Love should be the dream 
From which you never want to wake
Love should be the person 
Whom you never will forsake.
Love should be the one you lean upon
And your best friend
Love should be the reason for beginning
Not the end
Love's a word I used to say
But now it's in the past
Love to me is just a feeling 
Never meant to last.
Love to me is just a word
Reminding what I had
Love is just a word that leaves me 
Lost, alone and sad
Love to me is make believe
A dream that can't be real
Love just leaves a bleeding heart
A wound you cannot heal.
One-day love is everything 
You ever dreamed would be
Then suddenly it leaves you
Saying 'I' instead of 'We'.

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Love You In Silence

You came into my life
Quietly, simply, tenderly...
The world stood still
I could not say a word
Nor a single gestured showed.

The feeling kept in my heart
So I've loved you in silence
word shipped you from a distance
And dreamt of you so often.

I want to say I Love You,
But I'm afraid...
Afraid that you'll just take it for granted.
In silence then, I'll just love you.
In silence I'll find...
The fulfillment of my dreams.

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