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Sinopsis "Oh! My Lady"

Beautiful actress Chae Rim acted as Kae-hwa, manager of a musical production houses of top stars who have to deal with Min-woo (played by Choi Siwon, better known as the personnel boyband Super Junior). 

Kae-hwa 35-year-old had to work hard to earn money in order to take over custody of her son who is now with her ​​ex-husband. However, without adequate education so that Kae-hwa did not have much choice other than to get a job as a housekeeper. 

Well, while working as a housekeeper in the home star Min-woo, he accidentally clashed with the actor. As a result, Kae-hwa had to find another job. Kae-hwa lucky managed to get a job in a musical production house, but instead he unexpectedly became manager of Min-woo. 

Min-woo's face that are selfish, Kae-hwa must face the challenge not light. He should be able to change the Min-woo who just rely on looks alone a handsome actor who can really act well. But efforts to Kae-hwa becomes complicated because of a 4 year old little girl named Ye-eun appears in the life of Min-woo and was the daughter of Min-woo is not previously known to exist. 

On the other hand, inevitably grow the seeds of love between Kae-hwa with Min-woo who was much younger, early 20's. Min-woo fact alone can not forget his first love, Yoon-jung (Park Han-Byul) who is a product marketing manager for the famous fashion designer.

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