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Sinopsis "Dream High 2"

Title                         : 드림하이 시즌2 / Dream High (Season 2)
Chinese Title             : 星梦高飞2 / 追梦高中2
Genre                       : School, musical, comedy, romance
Episodes                    : 16
Broadcast network     : KBS2
Broadcast period        : 2012-Jan-30 to 2012-Mar-20
Air time                    : Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Related Series           : Dream High Series

The Main Character:
Jin Woon (정진운)               : Jin Yoo Jin
Kang So-ra                          : Shin Hye Sung
Hyo Rin (효린)                     : Nana
Park Ji-Yeon                        : Lian
Park Seo Joon (박서준)         : Si Woo
Im Jae Bum (임재범)             : JB

The story begins with the Kirin Art High School which was formerly a magnificent school that is able to produce quality students. But now the school is on the verge of destruction Kirin and Kirin inevitably require financial assistance in order to revive the fame of the school's Kirin.

Oz Entertainment, Korea's largest entertainment agency that houses an idol group and Hershe Eden Kirin to take over the school, and overhaul the entire regulatory agency Kirin from Kirin teacher selects students to select a qualified Kirin. Kirin like heaven to hell as well as Oz Entertainment took over. 

Apparently, the agency promises that Kirin could bounce back and give hope if the students who excel may become artists. Therefore, Oz also bring great teachers to teach in Kirin, but Oz is also made strict rules that could make students and teachers Kirin annoyed the hell out. Oz could even kick out students who are considered no talent. 

But the Oz Entertainment and broadcasting hours tripped case idol group. Korean entertainment regulators have determined that the artists who are minors should not filming or working above 10 pm. Eden Group and consequently violated the agency temporarily suspended, then the recovery of these cases, Oz artists who are still in school age are required to attend school. 

No exception with the members of Eden and all Hershe still a student would not want the second most popular group at Kirin had to go to school, they should mingle with students Kirin. But because they are still an idol created class differences between students' professional and amateur students. As an artist who has been practicing idol and berpentas over the years is certainly far more experienced than the other students that although Kirin talented but have not had the experience. 

Kirin's story at schools around the Shin Hae-sung (Kang Sora) Kirin enter school with high grades but have a less good stage performance. She was to meet with other students like Jin Yoo-jin (Jung Jin-woon) and JB who later became his friend. Yoo-jin has long been in the entertainment world as a child actor's dream to be a pop star, but at the same time troubled by the problems his parents' divorce. 

On the other hand, JB is a member of the famous idol group I: nd fell in love with Hae-sung, and then going out with girls. But the fabric of their love being challenged because of Rian (Jiyeon), members of the group Hershe pursue her former lover who is none other than JB. Yoo-jin unexpectedly fell in love with Hae-sung, so with Brian for trying to separate the Hae-sung from JB.

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