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Maybe someone's out there who's thinking of me
Wishing that somehow he would soon see me
Maybe out there, somebody's longing to be with me
Praying that soon, he could then be with me.
Maybe somewhere in the world, someone is waiting
Wanting to be with me so bad that he's hurting
Maybe somewhere in the midst of busy life,
Someone's wishing that I could be his wife.
Maybe sometime in my life someone would come
And tell me that in search for me, the world he roamed
Maybe sometime in my life he would come
And whisper to me gently that with me, he's finally home.
Maybe tonight someone's dreaming of me
Hoping that when he wakes up, it's me he would see
Maybe tonight, someone's deeply loving me
Wanting nothing else but just to be loved by me.
Maybe somewhere, someone loves me so much
He'd share his life with me and my whole life he'd touch
Maybe somewhere, someone longs to hear me call
Or maybe, yes, I realized, maybe there is none at all.

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